1 pc Plastic Tube Clear w/ Hang Cap Container Storage XL


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1 pc ( ONE ) Clear Plastic Tube W/Hang Cap, XL
Container Storage

13 1/4 "H x 2.5" D (w)



Container, Storage, Space saver and other
Lowest price for this size tubes

Some measurements for your convenience:

Diameter      2.5"

Tube's length  itself  12 1/4"
Tube's length with cap screwed on, but not including hang part  12 3/4"
Tube's length with cap screwed on including hang part (full size) 13 1/4"

Tube's weight with cap screwed on 2.3 oz.

Tube filled with water and screwed cap on 33.9 oz. - 34 oz.
Tube filled with salt till 1st line and screwed cap on  40.3 oz.
Tube filled with salt till very top and screwed cap on 44.5 oz.

I filled the tube with water and put it for test in the freezer for one day; it did not break or cracked, so I guess its stands ok in cold temperatures. Please don't take me on this for 100% there might be some exceptions.