Who we are

 We would like to clarify who we are to place trust and credibility for our Customers.

Our location is in Canterbury, Connecticut.

We had been the seller on eBay (and still are) for 19 years and as of today, July 3rd, 2022 our feedback is 100% (4495 reviews); for last year we had 2 neutral feedbacks, zero negatives, and the rest is positive. For you to check us out, please go to eBay and look for username (store/member name): nikitama.

If for any reason it is hard for you to find by name, please type in the search bar for products on eBay: 3 pcs Plastic Tubes Clear w/ Hang Caps Container Storage 13 1/4 " x 2.5" XL - we are the only seller of this product, so it will bring you right to our "store" there. Please don't be surprised to see there are only about 15 listings. Our main goal is to sell here, on www.itaale.com so we moved 99% of our inventory to our own website. We still be selling some products on eBay from time to time.

Another place where you can find out about us is Amazon. We are sellers there for over 3 years. Please look for the seller: ELIXITA. If it is hard to find out that way, please try type in this headline in search on Amazon: Frolics Plush Sleeping Bag Assorted Animals (White Bunny) - we are the only seller of this item and this should easily bring you to our "store".

This link to our Amazon store also should work:


We are also registered in the State of Connecticut and we pay taxes.

We truly hope that looking us up through these two, reputable selling marketplaces (and checking us out through the State of Connecticut registry) will bring trust and peace of mind for you if you decide to make a purchase from us.

Thank you and please enjoy shopping in our store!